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Time to Tango?

It takes two to tango…LocoMojo Dance and you!

 If you are interested in exploring Argentine tango, with all its passion and drama, then join our Tango lessons.  We cater for complete beginners or experienced dancers wishing to boost their tango technique to the next level. Once you have mastered the basics, you can practice your social dancing at one of our regular Tango Loco socials. Partners encouraged but not essential.

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Taking your First Tango Steps.

Join one of our Mad About Tango courses.

The best introduction to tango is our L1 Tango Starter course that will introduce you to the fundamentals of Argentine tango – connection, walk, ochos. This leads directly into L2 Tango Basics, a course designed to build your technique, understanding of ‘lead and follow’ and musicality. Then continue to develop your tango techniques and explore complex combinations to add to your repertoire with our L3 Tango Improver course. This level includes introduction to Milonga and Vals rhythms and has a social practica component to hone your dancing skills for the social milonga scene and sets you up for L4 Tango Booster course. This level sends you on a long journey of continuous building, developing and learning. You’ll be introduced to more complex combinations, musicality and of course, social dancing at milongas.

The LocoMojo Family

Meet The Team.

Teaching social street latin with soul!

We offer dance classes in many different street Latin dance styles such as salsa, bachata, mambo, cha cha cha, tango and zouk, as well as private classes, dance parties, floor shows, corporate team building activities and customised special events.

LocoMojo Dance isn’t just a dance studio – it’s a dance family! Within our team, we have wide ranging expertise as dancers, performers and educators and we can take you to the next level – whether you are a first timer, beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer – because our specialty is…dancing!

Want to join our team?
Chat to us about becoming a LocoMojo ambassador, a member of our student support body or a teacher. We are a growing community of dancers who want to have fun.

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LocoMojo Dance

Our Courses.

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Our courses run in 5 or 10 week blocks across a 10 week term.

For beginners, our special 5 week Starter packages will get you dancing straight away. If you are an experienced dancer, you can join our 10 week Skill Building courses, depending on your level and our Performance courses are for the more advanced. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs as we like to ensure that our students are enrolled in the most suitable course for their level.

You can also try out your social dancing skills at our regular social dance parties where you get to mingle with other dancers in a friendly social environment.

Dance is a journey of a lifetime… come take it with us.


$ 120

5 Week Course
  • Enter The World Of Dance…
  • Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Samba
  • 5 Week Course
  • 5 x 45 minute Group Classes
  • Contact Us To Discuss Your Level
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BOOTER / EXTENTION Intermediate & Advanced

$ 240

10 Week Course
  • Develop Your Technique…
  • Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Mambo and Zouk
  • 10 Week Course
  • 10 x 45 minute Group Classes
  • Contact Us To Discuss Your Level
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Interested In Performing?

Warm, friendly, adaptive, supportive, passionate, a sense of community, positive energy. Just a few words to describe the Loco Mojo team. In class the focus is on individual technique and style, pushing your own boundaries to achieve your own best, all delivered with fun and constructive criticism (or guidance would be more apt).


Dancing at LocoMojo made my life much happier, I smile when I go in and I smile when I get out.. it’s the team that makes it special.. I love music and the rythm and it would be great for me to learn and improve my dancing skills so I know for sure that that’s possible at LocoMojo! The experience I had so far at LocoMojo it’s incredible..the vitality and the teachers team are just delightful.. accurate..elegant and fun.. What I feel about LocoMojo in two words.. Extraordinarily special!!


I love your approach to teaching. All the little tips you share with us in terms of leading/following, dance etiquette, how to think as a dancer, etc. mixed with your light-hearted, fun attitude, makes your classes the best. I’ve taken dance lessons at various schools over the past 5 years and found none of them even similar to you! Most of them take themselves so seriously and only teach “routines”. They don’t teach how to “dance”, how to be better leaders/followers, how to have fun, how to behave in social scene, etc.