Wanting to learn Latin dance? Come dance with us.

We are into creating great street Latin social dancers and our structured program is second to none in Melbourne and will definitely progress your dancing whether you choose one Street Latin style, or several.

Our level system is designed to provide you with lots of variety and opportunities to really build your skills.

Your one hour class will consist of 40 minutes of teaching, with 20 minutes of social dance practice. This will be relevant for all partnered classes, and in shines classes, it will include a 20 minutes warm up session at the beginning of class.
Our term still goes for 10 weeks, but you also have the option to book all of our courses in in 5-week blocks.

Visit our Timetable page, and once you have determined which courses you would like to enrol into, click on the link to  “Book Now” and enrol and  pay online!  

Before you enrol please ensure you read and understand our terms & conditions below.*

Dance is a journey of a lifetime 
 Come take it with us

Terms & Conditions*

Health and Safety
When attending any of our services you acknowledge, understand and agree that you take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing at all times throughout. You agree that:

  • You are participating in the class(es) and other activities with Loco Mojo Dance voluntarily. You understand that our offered services are not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the instructor of any serious illness or injury that might impact your physical practice.
  • In the case where you have an injury, sickness or anything else that may be affected by physical activity, you confirm that you will have consulted with a physician to ensure that you can participate in the physical aspects of the services.
  • You will assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages (known and unknown) which you might incur as a result of your choice to participate.
  • You agree that neither LocoMojo Dance, nor any facility our services may take place in, nor LocoMojo Dance employees, officers or contractors are liable for any injuries, or damages, to person or property, resulting from your participation.

Attending the correct courses for you…
We have classes to suit the beginner through to performance-level dancers and it’s important to us you dance at the right level for your experience. All students are able to progress directly to their suitable dance level and are invited to speak to their dance instructors to help you find your ‘mojo’ at LocoMojo Dance and progress from there.

Courses and membership benefits start and end within their given Term (Term 1, 2, 3, 4)
Unless stated otherwise, and regardless of payment method,  courses and all course options apply only within the term to which they relate. No such benefits accrue across Terms.

Enrolling after Term / Program has commenced 
You are able to enrol up until the end of week one of any course.

Public Holidays Classes continue as normal on all public holidays, including Easter.

Pricing and availability
Each course timeslot and fees are subject to change at LocoMojo Dance’s discretion. LocoMojo Dance  reserves the right to cancel classes. In the event that classes are cancelled it is solely at the discretion of LocoMojo Dance to provide replacement class options, credit for missed classes or another form of replacement for missed classes, such as free entry to a party/ies.


Payments In Full Upfront

  • Payment must be made upfront in full at the beginning of your enrolment, before the commencement of Term.
  • Payments are to be made in full online prior to the start of the class/course
  • Payments must clear before due date of selected course option
  • Payments must be clearly referenced with your name and course description
  • It is at the discretion of LocoMojo Team to deny entry to any class/ course where payment has not yet been received
  • NO refunds will be given for change of mind, missed classes or other
  • Your courses must be used within the same term, and cannot be transferred. You may add more courses at any time; however, the tiered discount will be reset on each purchase


  • Cancel at least 48 hours in advance Booked lessons that you need to cancel may be re-booked at no additional cost if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Thereafter 50% of the Private Lesson fee will be charged at the discretion of LocoMojo Dance.
  • Payment Upfront In Full Payment must be made in full before your session.
  • Unable to attend May be re-booked at no additional cost if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Thereafter 50% of the Private Lesson fee will be charged.
  • Late Arrival or No-Show Always directly contact your teacher as soon as possible if you are running late. If you don’t directly contact the teacher:
  • Arrival 15 mins late or less – private lesson will continue, and will run until the originally scheduled time same price.
  • Arrival over 15 minutes late or no-show – private lesson is forfeited and cancelled.
  • Private Lessons for Teacher development or related Purposes Private lessons are for the benefit of your own personal growth, should you wish to take a private lesson for teaching development purposes please consult one of your LocoMojo Coaches.

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LocoMojo Dance began with a crazy love of dance and a need to share that with the world! Core to our philosophy is that we believe we can bring out the dancer in anyone, bringing out their mojo on the dance floor…and in life.

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