1) Check out our timetable and count the number of course blocks you’d like to do in the term. Please keep in mind, that each course has 2 blocks per term. So if you’re wanting to do 10 weeks, you count that as 2 blocks. If you’re only wanting to do 5 weeks, that is one block. Courses are sold in 5-week blocks. The more courses you purchase, the cheaper the cost per course. Please note, your courses must be used within the same term, and cannot be transferred. You may add more courses at any time; however, the tiered discount will be reset on each purchase. So be sure to buy as many as you can up front, to make sure you get the best price.

2) Click on the “Book now” link under the timetable on our website and choose which package you’d like to purchase.
(E.g. 6 x 5-week course = $660) When asked “would you like to make a reservation with this purchase?” click “NO.”

3) Click “Check out” and either “Log In” or “create a profile.” Make sure your details are up to date and fill in your account preferences and password. Click “Place order” and pay with your credit card and then click “Book this service.”

4) Scroll through all of the courses offered within that term and select “Sign up now.” If asked, choose if you’re a “Leader” or “Follower” then click “Enrol.” Your schedule will appear in front of you. If you are booking into more than one course, click “Book another event.” Once you’ve booked all of your courses, you’re done!

5) Turn up 15 minutes early to your scheduled class and make the most out of your dancing journey. (Don’t forget to have fun too!)

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LocoMojo Dance began with a crazy love of dance and a need to share that with the world! Core to our philosophy is that we believe we can bring out the dancer in anyone, bringing out their mojo on the dance floor…and in life.


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